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Getting Back On The Road...

Having your keys stolen or lost, or your car being broken into can be stressful. We have a large range of the latest machines and can make keys to most vehicles getting you back on the road as fast as possible.  

We have a secure undercover workshop that vehicles can be stored in while having work completed.

We do insurance work, if your keys are lost or stolen or your locks have been damaged by a break in contact your insurance company and talk to them, we are happy to offer a free quote.

Transponder Programming


Trasponder Key

Transponder Keys

Most modern vehicles have transponder/immobiliser key, this immobiliser is seperate from your central locking and is what allows your vehicle to start. A transponder is a small glass or carbon chip inside the plastic head, majority of the time you wouldn’t even know it’s there. The chip sends a message to the vehicles computer (ECU) once the vehicle detects the correct transponder it allows the vehicle to start.

To Find out more about transponder keys Click Here                                                                                                                  


Remote ShellRemote Shells / Remote Keys

Most vehicles remotes attached to the key, these are great when they are working but can become a inconvenience when they break or stop working.

The Locksmiths can help you with…..                                                       Replacement Remotes                                                                              New remotes if all remotes are lost or damaged                                    Replacement Remote Shells                                                                      Replacement Batteries                                                                                                                                                                     Replacement Buttons                                                                                                                                                                     To Find out more about our remotes and shells click here 


Ignition Lock

Automotive Locks

If your vehicle has been stolen and recovered, had an attempted break in or the lock are hard to use/ have stopped working we can help. A lot of the time a damaged lock or a lock that has stopped working is able to be repaired for a fracture of the cost of a new lock. If your lock is beyond repair we are able to supply new locks keyed to the same key as the rest of your vehicle.

If your keys have been lost or stolen we can rekey all the locks to ensure your old keys will no longer work and there is no risk of someone coming back to steal the vehicle.

Our Locksmith Services

Our Locksmith Services

The Locksmiths have a large range of locks for all your residential, commercial and automotive needs. To find out more about our services you can contact us.

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